Petition For Mercy


Popgroup from mid eighties.

Influenced by the British and German

synth pop tradition.





  Brand New                                                       High Light                                                    True Love                                                    Out of the Gloom                                                    Give me a Reason                                                    Sea of Flowers                                                    Full of Lies                                                    Laura                                                    Any Day now                                                    Someone Like You                                         Connect our Worlds                                         Color




The Reunion Tour


80s synth pop band with influences of mainly German and English synth pop masters.


The band consisted of 3 synth operators of which one dared to grab the microphone and a former punk rock bass player who knew only two chords. Ambitions on a commercially viable sound were high, the result however was more a high energy synth punk music.

Today the band is back, restructured to a three piece. Now consisting of one lead vocalist and two keyboard players, straight forward line up and very classic. The balance is delicate, pop with a capital P but with true synth pop influences, in that order, or?


The music is produced in own studios and is performed on both vintage and contemporary hardware as well as modern software, always with a live set in mind.




Petition For Mercy







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